Below are the current teams racing on the UK circuit.


  • The Rutland Chandlery


    HELM:  Tom Hill          SHEET:  Mark Kudlinski          BOW:  Michael Andrew

    rutland chandlery

    After a few years in the class with an up to date boat, this team is showing promising and getting its name on the podium. The team is gaining experience year on year and with recent upgrades, is troubling the front runners.


  • Chameleon-I


    HELM:  Graham Bridle          SHEET:  Eddie Bridle          BOW:  Ben Rushton

    chameleon i

    This team are now entering their third season after a recent upgrade to a Australian imported boat "Fischer and Paykel". They have a novel single spreader No1 rig and look like they could be very dangerous this year.


  • Pica


    HELM:  Stewart Mears          SHEET:  Tristan Hutt          BOW:  George Hand

    Pica are now one of the most experienced teams in the fleet. Their titles include many UK and European championships and have regularly sailed at the JJ. The team that is considered the boat to beat.


  • LED


    HELM:  Steve Mclean          SHEET:  Neale Jones          BOW:  Nick Pratt


    Steve has been sailing 18s since the 1980s and has owned six 18 foot skiffs including Ericsson, Pink Hammer, Elle Bache, Omega Smeg before buying the current boat, Appliances Online.  In the constant search for speed, this boat continues to be one of the most up to date skiffs.


  • Sail 4 Cancer

    sail 4 cancer 

    HELM:  Alisdair York          SHEET:  Scott Bonner          BOW:  Dick York

    This team are entering this season with a years experience in their Murray hull skiff. They have showed great improvement in the last year and with slightly newer kit could feature at the front of the fleet in the coming seasons.


  • Gnasher


    HELM:  Alex Lewin          SHEET:  Daniel Goodman          BOW:  Harry Wilson

    One of the last remaining teams with a B18 hull, this team is getting well practiced on the race course and constantly suprises the fleet with impressive results.

  • Hyde Sails

    hyde sails 

    HELM:  Jack Grogan          SHEET:  Michael Banks          BOW:  Sam Caslin

    This team of Mersea Island sailors have had many years in the fleet, with trips to European and International regattas under their belts.

  • English Braids

     english braids

    HELM:  Richard Allen          SHEET:  -          BOW:  Pete Shaw

    This team have come together from single handed boats with great success in achieving podium places over the past few years. Having received new sails recently, this team will be fast once they get to grips with their new kit.


  • Haier


    HELM:  Rick Peacock          SHEET:  Nick Murray          BOW:  -

    Having compelted a whole seaon in the Australian league, this skiff was imported back to the UK with the most up to date kit. A full winter refurb is likely to see this boat quick out of the blocks this seaon.


  • AWL Grip


    HELM:  Tom Kiddle          SHEET:  Matt Kiddle          BOW:  Oscar Mead

    Tom and Matt learnt skiff sytle boats in the UK Cherub Class, now in their second season in the 18 they are joined by experienced offshore sailor Oscar