The 18' skiff fleet really is a boat that can be sailed around the world. Many sailors regard the following events as the 'World Tour'.


Mark Foy - The Mark Foy is the Official World Championship for the 18' skiffs and is rotated around the following events throught the years. The event itself tends to swap between Northern and Southern hemisphere to allow sailors from every corner of the world to have the chance to sail in this event.


JJ Giltinan - This is the biggest event in the Australian league calendar and is regularly the highest attendance event in the world. Up to date information about the JJ can be found HERE


European Championships - This event brings together sailors from across the continent to race to be the champions of Europe. Containers regularly visit from New Zealand and Australia. Recent locations have been Lake Garda, Italy and Carnac, France. This year's event returns to Torbole for some guaranteed No2 rig racing.


San Francisco - The harbour in San Francisco is notrious for being one of the hardest sailing venues in the world calendar. Local teams tend to show up the travelling boats with the home grown knowledge. 


New Zealand - TBC



Upcoming Events

  21 Jul 2018 to
22 Jul 2018
 UK GP Round 3

  11 Aug 2018 to
12 Aug 2018
 UK GP Round 4

  23 Aug 2018 to
26 Aug 2018
 EU GP Round 4 - Sonderberg, Denmark

  07 Sep 2018 to
09 Sep 2018
 UK GP Round 5 and UK Nationals