2 C-Tech_Carbon_battens_1.jpg
Item: 3 Carbon battens lengths 3,25 / 2,85 / 2,25 , C-Techa. CTP15560/2250  CTP batten 15mm wide x 5.6mm thick @2.25m (New price € 200,-)b....
2 Honeycomb_1.jpg

€ 50.00

Item:   Original Nomex Honeycomb for repairs 2mtr x 50 cm 2x and smaller parts watch Fotos   € 50,- delivery possible  (see pictures)  
5 Pole_1.jpg

€ 600.00

Item: C-Tech Pole Carbon fibre 18ft Skiff prod 50mm ID, tapered tip with spreader - never broken from 2014, ready to plug for every Murray...
I am looking for: A rigg with boom and shrouds Mainsail, Jib with selftracker and Kite  Please offer all sizes Aluminium or...