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EU GP2 - Balatonfoldvar, Hungary
From Thursday 18 May 2017 -  08:00
To Sunday 21 May 2017 - 17:00

18skiff euro


  Event information sheet


Event Name:   18ft GP1, Open Hungarian Championships

Location:  Lake Balaton - Balatonföldvár,

Date:  18th May – 21th of May 2017

Entry fee / Late Entry fee:  250,-

First possibility to start (1st day):  13h00

Last possible start (last day):  15h00

Club / General Information


Races will be organized by: SPARTACUS SAILING CLUB

8623 Balatonföldvár, Móló

tel. +36 84 340-116; fax : +36-84 340 704,

e-mail: spari@spartacus.


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Class contact:  Miklos Ujhelyi-Gaspar

Phone: +36 30 2972108




Competitors may have bunk-bed accommodation in limited numbers. Cost 50Euro/team.
If you want to sleep at the club please send email to to register.

There are several hotels and apartments around the Harbor within few minutes walking distance. For further information see the web page:

Teams who would like to leave there boat untill the Garda event, there is the possibility.
For details send mail to Miklos (


Thursday 18h May

Registration, from 09h00 to 11h00

Briefing for all crews at 11h30

Start 1st race at 13h00

Race 2 ASAP after Race 1

Food after the race


Friday 19th May

At 10h00 - briefing for all crews

Start time of Races see at Notice board.

Races 3 – 4 – 5

Social event at club

Saturday 20th May

At 10h00 - briefing for all crews

Start time of Races see at Notice board.

Races 6 – 7 – 8

Food after the race

Sunday 21th May

At 10h00 - briefing for all crews

Start time of Races see at Notice board.

Races 9 – 10

Final race starting before 15h00

Prize-giving immediately after last race.


About Venue

Lake Balaton lies in the middle of Transdanubia, the west side part of Hungary. The surface of the water covers an area of 596 sq. km. At its longest point the lake stretches for 77 km, its coastline is 197 km long. The lake is 14 km wide at its widest point, and 1.5 km at its narrowest point (between Tihany and Szántód), its average width is 8 km. The water reaches an average depth of 2-3 m, though at Tihany it is 12.40 m deep. Since the water of the lake warms rapidly, it is possible to swim there from spring to autumn. The water of the southern shore, being much shallower than that of the northern shore, sometimes reaches a temperature of 25 Celsius, and for that reason is a real paradise for children, the sands there have a velvety texture. hungary club2The water of the northern shore becomes colder and the bottom of the lake is no longer covered with very fine sand. This is why the more popular resort areas are more numerous along the southern shore, where Balatonföldvár is located, too.

 Balatonföldvár is one of the most well-kept resorts of Balaton shore decorated with parks and gardens. Important memorial of the history of Balatonföldvár is the soil-castle (= földvár) built in the Iron Age. According to the archaeological findings Celts lived in this area in the 4th century B.C. In the 18th and 19th centuries the area of the city was part of the domain of Széchenyi family. It was decided by the family Széchenyi in the 2nd half of 19th century to establish a bathing resort on this beautiful, depopulated territory. The first hotel was constructed in 1895, the official opening ceremony of the resort place was held in 1896. By that time the construction of more than 40 wonderful villas was completed in Balatonföldvár. The port and the lake-shore promenade of 1200 metres were constructed in the earliest years of 1900s.

The port is a popular centre of yachting in Hungary, the material of Galamb Island in the middle of it had been collected from dredging of the Lake. From Kelta Promenade running on top of a 40 metres high loess wall there is a wonderful view to Tihany peninsula on the opposite side and this is the only one place to see the both hollows of the Lake Balaton. Remains of the Celtic outworks can also be studied from here.


Find out more

+ Balaton Information Center

+ Balaton Tourism Portal


Getting there

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By car

« See our map location.

Exit Balatonszárszó on E71-M7 Motorway from both directions.



By air

+ Budapest Airport